Tool Box Talks

Working together with our health and safety team, we have now produced a 28 generic tool box talks A4 folder for the construction industry.

Each folder comes with 28 subjects as follows, 5 of each with a personalized front page, Spine and Index, dividers and 140 duplicate pages of the following subjects.

Every page has space for filling in the details of the person carrying out the tool box talk, the customers and development name, the names, job description and signature spaces for the operatives being trained and useful guide subjects for aiding the person carrying out the talks.

1. Safety signs
2. Respiratory protection
3. Falls from height (ladders)
4. Falls from height (podiums/hop ups/trestles)
5. Falls from height (scaffold)
6. Slips/trips and falls –good housekeeping
7. Site tidiness/good housekeeping
8. Head protection
9. Manual handling
10. Portable hand held electrical tools
11. Fall arrest and suspension equipment
12. Excavations
13. Confined spaces
14. Cement, plaster and concrete
15. Fuel and oil
16. Waste and recycling
17. Fire
18. Environmental awareness
19. Hand arm vibration
20. Mobile elevating working platforms
21. Buried services
22. Being a good neighbour
23. Personal protection
24. Site transport and pedestrian segregation
25. Mobile plant
26. Utility Knife
27. Sun Protection
28. Wearing Hoodies

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