Blade Safe Container

Blade Safe – is a used utility blade, safe disposal system, incorporating practice methodology designed to deliver safe management of used blades within construction and other industries.

Steel Bits Ltd have worked together with a UK based manufacturer, to come up with a safe means of disposing of used utility knife blades, within the manufacturing and construction industry or even private DIY, allowing the filled container to be disposed of safely in metal recycling skips.

The Blade Safe container and its contents are 100% recyclable and it is also 100% manufactured in the UK.

The management and all who work within Steel Bits Ltd are committed to the care of the environment and the prevention of pollution.

We’ve been working hard to improve and maintain the highest standards for our Blade Safe containers and this standard includes rigorous testing for penetration, resistance to damage and leakage if the container is dropped.

Safe and secure Blade Safe disposal is vital to eliminate the risks that come with handling and managing used blade waste within manufacturing & construction industry and it is imperative that your business tries to help wherever it can, by knowing where used utility knife blades are at all times.

We can supply you with all of the Blade Safe containers that you need and we supply safety literature and site signage within the 6 container packs supplied.

Incorrectly controlled used utility blades can pose a serious health risk to anyone if not disposed of correctly, working up through newly laid topsoil or turf on customer’s gardens, hidden in waste in skips on sites, the list is endless.

Site Pack

Each site pack comes with:

6 x 1ltr Blade Safe containers

6 x Dome container seal tabs

2 x A3 User guide posters for offices and canteens

2 x Site signs (THIS IS A BLADE SAFE SITE)

2 x Keyring depth check guides

Please contact: for further information or to place an order.

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